Eating With V.

When it comes to succinctly defining the Type “A” spirit, Veronica Kolibab fits the mold perfectly.  A savvy marketing and branding entrepreneur, who’s keen intellect, tenacious instinct and winning personality has amassed a loyal following through her Martini Network events. Not one to rest on the success of one business, she launched a show about dairy, gluten and sugar free cooking, aptly titled “Eating With V” to bring more awareness to gut and digestive health and wellness.

Here’s her story;

I am Veronica, my friends call me “V”, and I have been passionate about nutrition and health for well over a decade. Healing myself naturally from around 2011-2012 from a debilitating illness that I was told could never be cured naturally was the fuel that ignited my passion to help others to do the same. I have been gluten and dairy-free for over a decade and I have been sugar-free (then no sugar added) for many years as well. I also minimize the grains in my diet so many of the foods I prepare and share are mostly grain-free as well!

I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I am also a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner helping people to clear the blocks that hold us back in many areas of our lives. There are so many variables in our lives that make up true and total health. They encompass so many areas of our life beyond just the food we eat.  It is my passion and mission in this life to help people to live their healthiest, happiest and most passionate life!

I teach and share so much great information through my Facebook page called “Eating With V”. I have also created a class called “Hidden Sugars and Label Reading” to help our community to understand where the sugars are hiding in our food and how much sugar we are actually consuming through our diet every day. I teach the importance of watching our intake of sugars and how sugar adversely affects our bodies and overall health.

You can also join me for my Food Labels 101 series where we will discuss the food labels and then dissect many of the ingredients that are hiding in plain sight in our food, we just may not know what we are looking for.  After this series, we will all be better equipped to make more informed food decisions.

My passion is teaching others how to make healthy eating fun, easy and delicious and watching their lives transform! It is so incredibly rewarding watching people reclaim their health and their lives and enjoying the process! I love it!

V’s Kitchen

I have created some of the most incredible foods that are gluten, dairy and sugar free (and often grain free) that taste amazing! I will teach you how to make some of these awesome foods and you will not even miss what is missing from them! They are missing everything except taste and nutrients! My vision is to see some of these incredible and delicious creations on the grocery store shelves available to everyone who is seeking delicious and healthy treats to replace the sugar laden ones in the stores today!

I am excited to have you join me on this journey to optimal health as we have fun and learn so much together along the way!


To know more about Veronica Kolibab and her ” Eating With V” series click the link below:

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