In planning this upcoming fashion show our – Title Event Sponsor – came in the form of a female owned trucking company called, Bagley Transport & Logistics, whose mission is to bring awareness, training and employment in the lucrative trucking business. While conceiving this next collection our Creative Director, Sabre set out to design a collection that was inspired by the feminine force of nature and indomitable spirit of women. Enter Nikkia Bagley-Booker, CEO/Founder of Bagley Transport & Logistics, who upon hearing the concept of this upcoming show, generously offered to be the Title Sponsor of the FFF – (Fun, Fearless, Fabulous) event.

Who Is Nikkia Bagley-Booker?

Here’s her story:

“Independence allows a woman to set healthy boundaries. She never has to conform or compromise her value.”


Nikkia Bagley-Booker is an accomplished entrepreneur, and philanthropist.
She is the Chief Executive Officer for Nationwide Virtual Solutions; a work from home call center that provides employment
opportunities throughout the United States.

Chief Executive Officer of Bagley Transport and Logistics; a brokerage, resource, and transportation company which provides loads
for Class A CDL owner operators. They prepare business license, EIN, Authorities, DOT numbers, MC numbers and any other
necessities needed to become an owner operator.

Nikkia is also an OTR truck driver. She received her Class A CDL license through PRIME INC In Springfield, MO. As her way of
giving back she provides resources for new individuals looking to obtain their Class A CDL license.

Finally, she is the Founder/President of SCREAM a nonprofit organization that serves parents of children who have been sexually
abused and/or have abused. This organization provides confidential, one on one and group sessions for parents to release their
emotions in a healthy way. She gives helpful tools from her own experience that helped her to heal and resources to assist with mental
health, employment, and housing.

“I’m not a doctor just a parent who understands the trauma that comes from your child being sexually abused and having no one to
talk to that truly understands.”

Nikkia prides herself in her family. She is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother to three sons, one granddaughter and loving
husband Charles S. Booker Sr.


Sometimes It Takes A Village

Nikkia was born to Arthur Bagley and Paula Colley on November 20, 1979, in Vero Beach, Florida.

She was raised in the small town of Gifford, Florida until her parents divorced when she was around 8 years old.
Divorce is never easy, and the tension afterwards changed the future relationship between Nikkia and her father drastically.
She recalls the morning she snuck to see him before school as she did many days, only to find that he and his new wife had moved.

“I remember standing in the driveway crying looking at nothing but an empty garage and sheets hanging from the windows. This was
the first time I felt abandoned and that I wasn’t enough. That day changed my life forever.”

By the age of ten her mother remarried, and they relocated to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Shortly after her stepfather accepted a job offer as a police officer which once again required them to move, this time to Dorchester,

Due to her home environment one day Nikkia decided to runaway which would later have her removed from her home and placed into
foster care.

After going through what seemed like hundreds of foster homes, she ended up with the foster family that would later change her life,
Nellie, and Orlando Santiago. From there, the seed of entrepreneurship was planted.


Rock Bottom

Even though the foster care system was the best place for her, Nikkia still longed for her family. Against her foster parents wishes she
left and returned to Florida, and quickly her life began to take a downward spiral.

By the age of fifteen Nikkia was pregnant, homeless and a high school dropout. She had officially hit rock bottom.
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker


Welcome To Atlanta

On April 23, 1996, two weeks after giving birth to her eldest son Lemoine, Nikkia moved to Atlanta. During that time, it was known
as the black Mecca; you could be anything you wanted to be in Atlanta!

Over the next 15+ years Nikkia worked for major call center companies and corporations such as MCI, Comcast, and The Home
Depot Corporate office making her an expert in her field. She took on many roles such as executive escalations for CEO’s Bob
Nardelli and Frank Blake. She assisted in building programs such as SAP which is now used in many companies for customer service.
She went on to opening call centers and training employees in different states and countries such as Mumbai, India.

She recalls starting her very first business –

“I took a position as a General Manager for Aarons and during that time I started my very first “side hustle.”

My business name was Kiya’s. I sold custom T-shirts, baby bags and handbags. I even setup tables in front of my store and sold my
merchandise to customers coming to shop for furniture.

Never do that, I was fired lol. However, by that time I had a taste of the entrepreneur life. I knew a job was not for me, but I did not
have a WHY big enough yet to make me jump.”

In 2011 Nikkia’s youngest son Alexander was diagnosed with autism. As a single mom of three, and now two with special needs,
Patrick her middle son also being diagnosed with ADHD, Nikkia knew she had to do something. This was the “WHY” she needed to
make her JUMP!

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a

The Legacy

Since May of 2014 Nikkia has never stopped jumping. At age 42 she continues to break down stereotypes and barriers set for female

“I daydreamed a lot as a child, I still do. I noticed young that everything I imagined came true so even when I get afraid, I don’t stop
because I know what’s coming. There’s just a knowing you have deep inside. I also understood that not everyone was as fearless as
me, so I’ve always been the one to jump first. I think some of us are put here for that, just to show others it can be done. We bring

That’s one reason I love owning a transportation company. I see the courage it gives other women. When they see me in this big semi-
truck with long hair and nails it creates the possibility of something different. It doesn’t seem so weird anymore.


I’m always humbled because I think about where I’ve been. I’m grateful to wake up in my right mind because I remember the days
when I didn’t want to live anymore.

I’m so grateful everyday I chose life. I encourage everyone struggling with mental health issues to just stay because now this little
black girl from Gifford, Florida is living the life of my dreams.”

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