What’s all the fuss over a Mochachino Women’s Handbag?That would require understanding the methods behind creating one. Unlike most other fashion houses that produce multiple handbags styles, with high production runs, that sells to a massive audience.Mochachino still maintains its bespoke aesthetic with its handbag designs as well. We don’t have a standard seasonal schedule of launching new handbag product, and we usually cut 10 maybe 20 of the same style, each with slight variations, be it hardware details or simply a different pop lining in each bag created. This manifests a personalized feeling of having your own Mochachino Bag.

For a women, owning a Mochachino Bag narrates a multi-faceted story. A story that rooted in individuality, individual thought, emotion, self expression and accomplishment.A Mochachino Bag appeals to the spirit of creative freedom, with an eccentric flare for all things rare. Each women that has acquired a Mochachino handbag share one common trait….ambition. An innate drive to succeed at whatever she sets her mind to.Owning a Mochachino bag comes with a socio-economic status that lean towards individual representation in a ever-changing global landscape.Its also kind of awesome that it’s not sized to fit and you don’t have to try it on, the only concern is how it looks on your shoulder, wrist or hand.In a sea of the same you are the one-of-a-kind last unicorn.

As quoted by brilliant writer Alexandra Shullman“Still, handbags do so much more than simply the role they fulfill. In the canon of fashion items, the handbag is a relative newcomer having arrived as the new kid in town in the early 20th century. Hermès’ fascinating monograph in “Carried Away”, a lavish illustrated volume, published to accompany a former “Le Cas du Sac” exhibition, features an ancient rock painting in Algeria, where one of the terracotta stick figures appears to have a bag in the crook of their elbow. But as civilisations evolved, bags were rarely attached to the body and were relegated to the company of animals and servants.The handbag was part of the changes brought about after the First World War and the increasing emancipation of women, for whom carrying a bag became a sign of independence and stature. Women had their own cash and bank accounts, and keys to their own property and cars — and they wanted the world to know it. What better reason to flaunt the fashionable clutch of the 1920s rather than having to burrow for necessities in hidden pockets beneath voluminous skirts? Women carried cigarette cases and lighters and began to make a display of applying makeup in public, so lipsticks and powder compacts became part of every woman’s daily arsenal.For most women their handbag is a multi-tasking device that combines the virtues of practicality and utility: along with showing off personal taste, it suggests a certain economic prosperity and acts as a soup-con of the childhood security blanket. While women may often play it safe, either due to workplace convention or simply their lack of interest in clothes and so choose to dress unremarkably in their daily life, these same women will frequently have a standout handbag.There is something about colonizing your new bag for the first time that is a rite of passage. Free of the general clutter that seems to unavoidably collect at the bottom of bags — pen lids, loose coins, elastic hair bands, coat check tickets, contact lenses (or is this just me?) — a new bag is virgin territory that allows you to become the best and most efficient version of yourself. Just add a smartphone, perhaps some headphones, a small wallet, and a makeup bag you have been inspired to clean out, so that it doesn’t sully its new home”. – Alexandra Shullman (BoF)

With the aforementioned history of the handbag, we take handbag creation and construction as a serious endeavor. Whether it be the choice of style, fabrication or hardware, handbag construction can be a labor driven and costly process, often with several moving parts. As such we price each custom bag with this in mind. Where most would pay top prices for brand recognition. Our bags are purchased by clients who not only appreciate the process, but are one-of-a-kind handbag design enthusiasts.


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