Established via Los Angeles,  2005

When we conceived our Men’s Swim/Aqua collection, we were fueled by the magnetic allure of Los Angeles—a city where style and substance coalesce. Imagine a man who’s as meticulous about his physique as he is about nurturing his audacious spirit. He’s not just a gym aficionado; he’s an artisan of his own form, sculpting each muscle as if it were a work of art. Yet, beneath that chiseled exterior lies a soul ablaze with daring and intellect. Whether he’s riding the Pacific waves at sunset or savoring a champagne toast in a moonlit jacuzzi, he embodies a raw, irresistible magnetism that’s impossible to ignore.

Each piece in this collection is a fashion-forward homage to this man—the worldly proprietor of both playboy charisma and pool boy charm. These aren’t just swimwear items; they’re wearable statements, each telling the story of a man who’s as captivating in a boardroom as he is in a poolside cabana. Tailored for the audacious, the collection is a bold statement that resonates with those who are unafraid to flaunt their masculine allure. This is a collection for the man whose courage is as boundless as his magnetism, and it’s certainly not designed for the timid.


Mochachino Bespoke Design Company