Why A Custom?…

We are by all standards a custom cut & sew design atelier with an intuitive affinity for high-end and upper sportswear goods. We do not mass produce, nor replicate any of our original designs. Each design is conceived with the utmost attention to:  detail, function to the owner/wearer and chic appeal, while adhering to the original aesthetics of the brand.

Though we are contracted often by larger firms (who has mass production capabilities) to consult in a creative capacity on other external design projects, we are by no means a: knock-off shop, sample room, factory, tailor or seamstress service. We are the small house with the big name and our boutique operation allows for us to be a bit more flexible in our creative endeavors. If we can visualize it, we can materialize it!

Method To Our Madness….

We specialize in custom cut & sew apparel and handbag designs. This means that each design under the Mochachino label is truly one of its kind, this being in color, print, design, size, style, and fabrication. Often times we design with a specific fabric or print series that maybe created in a variety of design options, yet still each design remains one of its kind.

We keep a constant inventory of new designs in a number of sizes within our design studio. Most of which can be found via our online store or FaceBook page. All orders are payable via secured methods thru our online store. Because we cater to both online and private appointment clientele, some designs tend to go fast.

Building Blocks….

Our fabric selections are limited in quantity, visually distinct, with the priority for comfort. Since we keep limited quantities of a number of fabrics, not always is a fabric available per design request.  This is actually the premise of custom design. That each design not be an exact copy of a previous design. This keeps the design specialized to the owner.

Customs Official….

Because we are a custom design based business we don’t keep a set size on our in-house inventory. Sizes may vary per design, fabrication, season, style or print. We do require either private fittings or measurements to be taken to initiate any order or request. Upon receiving the aforementioned measurements we then begin the design process.

Cost Factor……

The cost of our custom design service and product may vary and is based on several key factors: Cost of Fabrication/ Materials, Time of Year, Current Workload, Customer Design Request and turnaround time needed for design completion.

Also Though each design may be the same cut and size, the price may vary on the same aforementioned factors.

Timing Is Key…..

Our turnaround varies per design order, season, order amount, workload and fabric availability and . Estimated time ranges from 2-4 weeks from the time of order.

Get Acclimated, Get a Custom!

Look, Feel, Be…Fabulous!

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