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….Seven elements that comprise the legendary  “Seven Principles of Design.”

Core ingredients in founding the Mochachino label. It was one fateful day when the emerging underground designer, Sabre, discovered the concept of mixing Coffee and Cocoa, while hanging out at a local coffee bar. This intrigued the designer.

“ A sweet, and potent elixir” he quipped. Upon this discovery, Sabre was inspired to create a line that exemplified a Yin-Yang duality, two opposites that seamlessly co-exist with one another…“The Attraction of Opposites.”

Not one to do things in a conventional manner, Sabre thought of seven key words that best projects his daily existence. These words formed the “Seven Principles of Design”. Unconventional became synonymous with the Mochachino brand.


Often incorporating uncommon fabrications  and details, serving up to a backdrop of function and a flare of unorthodox construction. Keeping in stride with the spirit of the brand, Sabre chose Espresso and Dutch as the signature colors for the Coffee and Chocolate inspired fashion nameplate.

“My collections should be reminiscent of a warm cup of Mochachino. A sexy, sensual, comfort fit, like chocolate, blended with and a powerful, exhilarating statement, like Coffee”, quips Sabre. Since its humble beginnings, Mochachino has evolved into a force of nature, edgy, niche-lifestyle brand that maintains its roots in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic global community. The Mochachino aesthetics reflects a forward thinking perspective on fashion and its social relevance. Dressing the global Ultrapolitan!


A decade has passed and the Experimentally Chic label, Mochachino, has expanded beyond the confines of its birthplace, New York City…  and relocated to its new home, Hollywood, CA!  Thus rounding out the duality of the label. The dark, gritty, and sleek image of New York City, and the light, care-free, casual-chic spirit of Los Angeles, CA. Since its inception, the Mochachino design house has continuously challenged its clientele, and industry peers, to look past “what is”, and peek into “what could be”.  To venture pass the obvious, and into the unknown.

For the aforementioned decade, Mochachino has time and time again taken its audience on an adventure thru the eyes of its Founder and creative force, Sabre. From its first collection showing for Spring 98 “Urban Safari”, where the spirit of the Congo and the Amazon jungles meshes with the grit of the Urban Metropolitan realm, to “The Cure” collection, which highlighted Mochachino as the prescription to the common Fashion Flu!

…side affects were Addiction!

Today Mochachino still embodies that unyielding passion for sexy sophistication, chic sensibilities, and intricate experimental detailing. All summed up with the labels tagline “Experimentally Chic”.

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Mochachino: Los Angeles | New York

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