The Mochachino Handbag represents an individual spirit of creative freedom and our bags are designed with this concept.

Each bag is designed to be functional with a creative/artistic viewpoint. Each bag’s fabrication, print, trim and or hardware are all chosen methodically by our Creative Director.


Our fabrications, print/solid color options varies and adheres to the needs of the bag’s concept of function and artistic integrity. Our signature fabrications are:

  • Canvas
  • Oxford Nylon
  • Upholstery
  • Portuguese Cork
  • Leather


Each bag varies in structure, shape, style and density because of our bonding process. Two-thirds of our bags are bonded for stability, structure & shape.

  • Soft Body: (No Bonding) Usually Hobo & Sling Styled Bags
  • Standard Body: (Single Layer Bonded) Usually utilized for bags that require some shape or minimal structure & density
  • Hard Body: (Double Layer Bonded) Usually utilized for bags that require complete shape and a more durable density.

*****See our “Handbag Style Guide” for our signature style options and a short “Handbag Glossary” for standard shape & style options


Our prices vary on each bag because of the aforementioned. Though the bags may be similar in style or fabrication its the details that truly determine the overall cost to the consumer. Our prices are also adjusted to the current market cost of materials used to make the bags as well. All things considered you are purchasing a one of a kind bag at half of the cost of what you pay for a designer brand.

“Why try to fit in when you were meant to stand out”!


Once payment has been received via its takes up to 2-4 weeks depending on the following variables:

  • The style/design being ordered.
  • The fabrication/materials availability & ship time to our design studio.
  • Pre-exsiting custom orders.


******There is no “Rush Service” on custom bags orders.


Mochachino: LA / NY 





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